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Probate, Estate Planning, & Elder Law Attorney Serving Spokane County, Washington, and North Idaho

Prukop Law Firm's estate planning services include reviewing your will and/or trust documents, evaluating the need for a trust, updating Durable Powers of Attorney, advising on a Healthcare Directive to Physicians, ensuring General Power of Attorney is proper, checking the Testator’s mental capacity, and ensuring all documents are properly witnessed and formally attested to.  

No matter what, Attorney Hal Prukop will prepare a sensible estate plan that fits YOU. If you live in Spokane County, Stevens County, or Pend Oreille County, contact Attorney Hal Prukop at his Liberty Lake firm today.

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Do you have a will, or need to have it updated?  If you do not have a will, your estate will be distributed as to what the court decides, which may not reflect your specific wishes.


There are many types of trusts for many different purposes, including spendthrift trusts and many others. Testamentary trusts are created inside a will. Hal will advise you, based on your specific needs, whether a trust may be beneficial for your estate plan. Different Trusts address different needs.  I will help you determine if a trust is necessary, and, where needed, will help you set it up.

Powers of Attorney:

It’s important to know who has the decision-making “POWER” in the various types of powers of attorney.


Did you have a loved one pass away who had a valid will that needs to be probated?  I will ensure the probate process is started and advise the Personal Representative in carrying out their duties, including the distribution of assets.

Elder Law

There are many Elder Law issues that affect seniors. I will work with you regarding important issues such as Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care, Health Care coverage, irrevocable trusts, and life insurance legacy planning.  With my unique financial professional background, I can advise on various concerns for seniors who may have questions about financial savings, housing, and daily living.  I am uniquely qualified to work with your current advisors or help you find an advisor to work with you so that you are fully represented. 

Guardianships or Conservatorships :

I can help establish guardianship for a family member or loved one and ensure they are taken care of properly.

Retirement Planning

As a former practicing financial professional, Hal advises on a variety of retirement planning issues and can help ensure the proper financial instruments are in place so that his clients will not run out of money, and will be able to have the peace of mind to enjoy their life with a worry-free retirement.