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Retirement Planning

As a financial professional, Hal advises on retirement issues, and ensuring the proper financial instruments are in place so that his clients will not run out of money, and will be able to have the Peace of Mind to enjoy their life with a worry-free retirement.

Estate Planning

This includes reviewing the client’s will and/or trust documents, evaluating the need for a trust, if any, and updating Durable Powers of Attorney, advising on a Healthcare Directive to Physicians, ensuring General Power of Attorney is proper, checking the Testator’s mental capacity, and ensuring all documents are properly witnessed and formally attested to.  


Do you have a will?  Do you need a will?  Most people need a will because without one in WA at the time of  death, their property will be distributed pursuant to WA law, which may not be the way they wanted it to be.


Testamentary Trusts are created inside the will.  There are many types of trusts for many different purposes, to include Spendthrift Trusts and many others.  Hal will advise you, based on your specific needs, whether a trust may be beneficial for your estate plan.