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Retirement Planning

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Areas of Practice


Estate Planning

I can review your will and/or trust documents, evaluate your need for a trust, if any, and update your Powers of Attorney, and prepare a sensible estate plan that fits YOU.

Elder Law

There are many Elder Law issues that affect seniors. I will work with you regarding important issues such as Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care, Health Care coverage, irrevocable trusts, and life insurance legacy planning.  With my unique financial professional background, I can advise on various concerns for seniors who may have questions on financial savings, housing,and daily living.  I am uniquely qualified to work with your current advisors or help you find an advisor to work with you so that you are fully represented. 


I can help establish a guardianship for a family member or loved one and ensure they are taken care of properly.


Did you have a loved one pass away who had a valid will that needs to be probated?  I will ensure the probate process is started and advise the Personal Representative in carrying out their duties, to include the distribution of assets.


Do you have a will, or need to have it updated?  If you do not have a will, your estate will be distributed as to what the court decides, which may not reflect the wishes of the departed.


Different Trusts address different needs.  I will help you determine if a trust is necessary, and, where needed, will help you set it up.

Powers of Attorney:

It’s important to know who has the decision-making “POWER” in the various types of powers of attorney.

Retirement Issues

As a licensed financial professional, I can work with you and your other advisors to help you design a worry-free retirement.